Good day my blog readers, trust you had a good day. Today we will be discussing on the above captioned “SHOULD PIANIST BE PAID” . Besides the bible said a mans gift maketh a way for him right or wrong? I know everybody have different perception about this bible verse. Does it mean the gift or talent God gave to you is for serving him or for you to monetize it? Another bible verse also says “It is God that giveth us the power to make wealth…. hmmmn! Interesting Isn’t it?

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Besides i believe it is right for churches to pay their instrumentalist. Because we instrumentalist also have needs, so if he or she has said he wants to devote his time in playing for his/her church, then the church should be appreciating him/her. Our God is not a poor God , he wants us to prosper in every ramification of our lives. Don’t say you are working for God like some pastors do say. Working for God does not mean we should be poor. Take a look at the servants of God in the bible, they all worked for God but they were not poor.

Please churches learn to appreciate your instrumentalist, and treat them right. I rest my case.

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