What is a piano chord and how to form them


What is a piano chord?
A piano chord  is the combination  of two or three notes to give a melodic sound.  Although there different  types of chords.  But as a beginner, you want to know the piano chords that you should play as a beginner. Before we go on,  I want you to know that chords is not only played on the piano, it is played on different musical instrument like : bass guitar, lead guitar e. T. C.

Types of Beginners piano chords
There are different types of piano chords ranging from beginner to advanced. Below are the types of piano chords a beginner pianist must know:

1. Major chords: this type of chords is formed on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th degree of a major scale.

2. Minor Chords: this type of chords are formed from 1st, 3rd flat,  and 5th degree of a minor scale.

Playing your first piano
Now we will be playing our first piano chord. If you have a piano or keyboard in front of you it will make more sense.  Let’s begin:

We will use key  C as an example. The scale of key C is : C D E F G A B C that is: doh reh mi  fah soh lah ti  doh.  So our C major chord will be 1 3 5 which is : C E G.  Wow that was cool. Let’s look at the minor chord.

On the minor chord we will still use key C as an example.  So what is the minor scale? C D Eb G A Bb C.  So the minor chord will be same formula as the major chord.  Therefore our C minor chord will be C Eb G.

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