What is the Pentatonic scale and how to apply them.


Good day friends! Today we will talk about What is the Pentatonic scale and how to apply them. Besides, the pentatonic scale can not only be played on the piano, the pentatonic scale is played on other musical instruments. Therefore, if you find yourself reading this post, make sure you take your time to finish reading it.


Pentatonic scale can be defined as musical scale that is used for improvisation. Besides, it is the most commonly used musical scale for improvisation. The Pentatonic scale is made up of 5 notes. Today we will use key C as an example:

The C pentatonic scale is C D E G A C see the picture below;

Image result for piano pentatonic scales

Okay friends have been talking too much. It is time to watch a video. In this video i was playing around with the c major pentatonic scale. watch and enjoy. see video below:


Besides, using pentatonic scales is very easy all you have to do is to master the fingering and understand how to run the scale front and back, not just running the scale, but running it from different degrees of the scale. Once you have know how to do this you are good to go. In the next lesson i will teach on how to run the pentatonic scale and use them for improvisation.

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